[NOISE] What's really great is control strips still make it really easy to do every thing you want to do with your system controls. Because you have multi touch you can tap and slide right here to do things like adjusting your volume and your brightness. Let me show you those inside of mail. So here we are in mail and you notice that the bar has been transformed so now i have controls for things Like adjusting of composing a message, replying, even flagging, all right here. Now, Touch Bar is really fantastic for navigation in your apps. You see here, I've opened a Safari window that has multiple tabs, and Touch Bar's transformed, with a control for moving between my tabs. I get previews here, I can just tap And move through my tabs, like this. Or even, slide and get a preview. And when I wanna open a new tab, well that's easy too. I can tap on the plus button, and you see right here, I have all my favorites. Now that Etsy is bringing Apple Pay to their checkout page, well I can actually buy this impulse purchase here with Just a tap, can securely authorize the payment with Touch ID.