it's that time of year. Let's look back at the top five. Tech Turkey's of 2020. Coming in Number five is good old Apple. Hey, the company had a great year with some awesome hardware. There's the M one, Max, so good on Apple. So what made the company a turkey this year? Let's start with the M one. Max. Why did you go with such a lousy Web camp? 7 20 p. Come on, Apple. I'm sure the M one would not flip out with a better camera, But that's not all theatrical issues. There's that lawsuit with epic games that keeps fortnight from directly running on IOS stuff. I think they're both being dumb but whatever. And lastly, Apple decided to not include charges with its iPhones. Come on. The iPhone 12 is capable of fast charging. Now you have older iPhone adapters. You cannot take advantage of the faster charge. Don't feel too bad for Apple, though. It's got its giant cash hoard in case it's feeling down to get hug. It's money. Let's move on to one of my favorite companies, and that is Microsoft. This company tries the craziest stuff, and I'm all for that. Let's talk about the surface duo. It came out in September of this year. It's a dual screened, android powered Microsoft device with four G connectivity. I think this device is spectacular. I love that Microsoft tried this wild design and actually is selling it to the public. I think that takes Lot of guts. However, the duo is kind of in search of a problem. What does it solve? The future looking design is grace, but the present version of Android and it saps don't seem to sit well together. I don't think this $1400 devices a dud. I think it's just the beginning. But Microsoft also had another big issue in 2020 decided to shut down its twitch rival mixer. Remember Mixer Microsoft through big money at Mixer By signing people like ninja to a mixer deal? Well, that wasn't enough. In June of 2020 Microsoft announced it was pulling the plug on mixer. It's a tough break, Microsoft, but at least you've got that Xbox thing coming in. Number three is ticktock. This isn't even really tick tocks fault. This year, Tick tock was raising lot of eyebrows. Countries were making sure the app was nowhere near government issued devices. Why national security concerns in the U. S. Tik TAKS owner bike dance was told to sell off ticktock. Look, I don't know if Tick Tock is sending data to the Chinese government. Ticktock has been denying this for a long time as well. But bite dance has this successful video platform that is being told. Get rid of it, Sell to us company. It's kind of a rough break, so it looked like tick tock. We get the boot from the US Then it looked like tick tock would be okay for a bit. Then it looked like tick tock was getting bought by Microsoft. But then it was supposed to be bought by Oracle at Walmart. So tick tock is kind of in this weird limbo zone right now. Meanwhile, Facebook Snapchat everyone and their mother have a tick tock. Competitors were at number two, and that's quippy. I'll stay positive on this. The idea behind Quimby was getting these quick, bite sized videos for when you're waiting in a line or about to cross the street or something quick, these other hook was being ableto watch videos in landscape or in portrait mode. Okay, well, those are some ideas. It's different than other Web streaming services out there. And it was mobile Onley for a while. If you wanted to watch Quimby content, you better grab your phone or tablet. Did you want to share things about quickly from the quippy app that was remarkably, not easy. Why would you stop word of mouth advertising quickie? I don't have an answer for that. Quickly had Reno 911 It had the fugitive with Kiefer Sutherland. And who could forget shape of pasta? I don't think the entire concept of quickly with silly I think there were some good ideas in there, but you saw what happened on a number one social media handling of misinformation. I'll try to keep this light because this could be touchy. Conspiracy theories have spread far too well this year. Once said that five G and coronavirus were related. Somehow they're not Once said Bill Gates wanted to chip everyone that is unfounded. Another was pitching novel ways to stop the coronavirus. When you have an audience that has very little to do, apparently it will create lots and lots of conspiracy theories. Then it spreads. Then your Aunt Ruthie is telling you about how the towers outside or spreading the illness. Then you have to tell Aunt Ruthie about science, Or maybe just not because she's old. Just let her do her thing anyway. Let's go to this quote by Bill Gates quote. I've never been involved in any sort of microchip thing. It's almost hard to deny this stuff because it's so stupid or strange. And the quote social media companies get better at handling information of all kinds. All of us. Think twice before believing everything you see online. E am very thankful for you folks and thank you to my editors who have helped keep the show going forever. And thank you for watching Give your feedback, everybody. E. Do appreciate this. I my as acts are. I'll see you online, by the way, Phil Gates wanted toe. Have all of us chipped? He could make it happen. He's worth over $110 billion. He could spend $10 billion on this chip project and still have $100 billion to do whatever he wants to. So I don't think we're getting checked