Speaker 1: The Samsung galaxy S 22 is coming soon. And there are a lot more rumors. Let's talk about the newest and most interesting ones. Speaker 1: We recently did a video on this same topic, but there's been a lot of new information since then. So let's talk about the release date. According to the Korean public location, D daily Samsung will hold a galaxy unpacked event on February 8th pre-orders would start the next day with the phone being available, starting on the [00:00:30] 24th D daily quotes, a Samsung electronics official as its source. That same report says that Samsung will use mobile world Congress as a way to showcase the galaxy equal system. John Prosser front page tech also had a tweet saying that the S 22 1 PAC event would be February 8th as well. That tweet said that that pre-orders would start the same day with general availability starting on the 18th. Prosser followed up that tweet in December saying that pre-orders would be February 9th with sales starting on February 25th. [00:01:00] So those sources are pretty consistent with each other. Speaker 1: Does a February event seem likely, well, Samsung introduced the S 21 in January of 2021. The S 20 was introduced in February of 2020. So the past would indicate that a February, 2022 event for the S 22 is completely within the realm of possibility. Whenever Samsung holds its event, we will be covered. Bring it here. Live let's talk about looks John Proser already published photos of what he said was the galaxy S 22 ultra. It [00:01:30] looked remarkably like the galaxy note, 20 ultra talking about squared off corners and an Spen, and is how in the body. It also had a really unusual camera array on the rear. Let's go digital published images of what it says are visual press images of the galaxy S 22 in the foreground is this purpleish galaxy S 22 ultra along with a text that says galaxy S 22 ultra the let's go. Speaker 1: Digital report says that the S 22 ultra will also come in black, white, red, and green in the background of the [00:02:00] image is what let's go. Digital says is the S 22 plot us. The report says that the camera system is different than the S 21, and will protrude less unboxed therapy published a video showing off dummy units of what they say is the S 22 wine. That video was then unlisted. Since this is the internet. Nothing truly disappears. The S 22 looks to have a flat display with rounded corner. And that look that looks more like the regular S series. The display would be around six inches for the regular S [00:02:30] 22, the S 22 plus looks like a plus sized S 22 would have a 6.7 inch screen on the back. You can see the rear camera housing seems to be smaller, but the lenses seems to stick out a bit on the S 22 and S two plus there's a report gaining steam around the internet. Speaker 1: A tweet by Zab con a YouTuber says that the S 22 ultra Spen is going to be something else. The tweet reads exclusive introducing supernatural writing experience, Samsung galaxy [00:03:00] S 22 ultra to rock a crazy 2.8 millisecond Spen response, three X more latency versus nine milliseconds of note, 20 ultra the fastest and most realistic Spen experience ever. Now I'm a big fan of writing on screens. I've had a note eight and a note 20 ultra. If this tweet is accurate, that means that writing on the S 22 ultra will be much more like writing on paper or more accurately writing on a galaxy Z fold three, the galaxy Z fold three also features a latency of 2.8 milliseconds. [00:03:30] When Samsung announced the fold three Samsung said it was the quote company's best Spen experience yet. So we know that Samsung already has this tech it's in the fold three, could it make its way to the S 22 ultra? Speaker 1: I'd say that's a really safe bet. Con also tweeted a picture of what he says is the S 22 ultra and S 22 spec sheet on the left would be the S 22 ultra. It would feature a 6.8 inch screen for comparison. The no 20 ultra has a 6.9 inch display. [00:04:00] There's a camera breakdown to the right of the phone. There would be an ultra wide 12 megapixel camera, a wide 108 megapixel camera with a super clear lens, two telephoto lenses and a front facing 40 megapixel camera on the top, right of the spec sheet is an explanation of the super clear glass. It would be of gorilla glass. And apparently it's for clear something that part is cut off and probably a reduction of reflection or glare. A note on the bottom of the sheet says super clear [00:04:30] lens is applied on the wide camera. Speaker 1: Only the spec sheet also says the ultra starts with 128 gigs of storage and eight gigs of Ram eight gigs of Ram seems to be a in line with benchmarks floating around the internet. As mentioned by Sam mobile, eight gigabytes of Ram would be a downgrade compared to the S 21 ultra the S 21 ultra base model starts with 12 gigs of Ram maxing out at 16 gigs. The leak spec sheet says 12 gigs would be the max for the S 22. Ultra is universe says [00:05:00] that the S 22 ultra we'll max out at 16 gigs for what it's worth eight and 12 gigs were the options for the note 20 ultra. So if 12 is the max or the S 22 ultra, it would seem that the S 22 ultra is basically just a note 20 ultra with a few changes. If you were wondering what be covered in that other video, here's a quick synopsis. The S 22 could start at $799, and all models would be powered by Qualcomm chips. The big story then was the note like design of the S 22 ultra check out that video. 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