This phone from a distance might look like an iPhone 5s but it's actually in disguise the iPhone se. Apple's newest phone has a design that's similar but ever so subtly different. Slightly curved edges here. Inside is a complete different phone. This is like The iPhone 6S and 6S plus were shrunken down. If you're really going to notice the details, stainless steel here versus before, but, again, an iPhone 5S seemingly on outward appearance, but inside, the specs have all been massively upgraded. You've got an A9 processor, 12 megapixel camera. This also has Apple Pay, which this four inch iPhone did not have. Doesn't have 3D Touch, but you might not need that. And the price is 399 for 16GB, goes up to 499 to get the 64GB. Price is a little bit lower than the four inch iPhone before. And this is maybe for someone who just wants a smaller phone. There's nothing really that different in the concept previously, Apple's smaller phones used to be a little less powerful, but not this has stepped up to become, basically on paper as powerful as all the rest of the iPhones. So take your pic it's really about screen size. This is the iPhone SE. It should work with older cases. It's here in my hand at Apple in Cupertino. [MUSIC]