we are here at the Cnet smart home today, taking a look at a really cool product. It is a W Lab by whirlpool cooperation zyra food recycler. so this is a 1199 dollar device that basically takes all of your food scraps, any unwanted food, anything that goes.. Bad in the back of your fridge, and turns it into usable fertilizer that you can use in your garden. I've never seen anything quite like this before. It's in the vein of a traditional composter, but the really cool thing is the tech that's inside. It basically takes that long tedious outside process and reduces it down to a 24 hour period. And it dehydrates the food and it turns it into the fertilizer that you can access in the bin below. So you can do this on an ongoing process that's a fixture in your kitchen. It plugs in and it has a related app. So it connects through wi-fi so you can start and stop the process remotely Which is a really cool addition. I'd love to see some additional smart home integrations. Maybe something with Alexa that you could add in some voice control integrations into the mix. But for now I'm really excited to get to test out this product.