Hey, we are here at CS and we have come across what I think is the first smart shower. It is made by the company Moen and is called the U, like the letter U. What this is is a smart connected shower that has an digital interface that connects over wi-fi to your phone. You can have up to 12 different presets and each preset can be for a different user. So, for example I can set the temperature of the water I want I can even set a timer for children on the water. I can even set a little alarm to remind me how long I've been in the shower. Two of those hard presets are actually on the physical interface, the other 12 are within the app. Another really cool feature is the remote activation, so if I'm getting up in the morning I can actually just tap on my presets And the shower can start warming up before I even step into the bathroom. Once the shower warms up to the temperature you want, it will actually stop the water flowing until you're in it. So you're not wasting all that water waiting for it to get to the temperature you want. So the price on this thing, there's basically the digital interface with two buttons, or two presets. And that's gonna cost $1,160 US. There's also a digital interface with four preset buttons that will cost $2200. Both of them come with the digital valve that actually controls the hot water and the temperature. We think about this is one of the more useful ways of connecting your home to your technology. It's all about creating a personal experience for you and giving you a delicious, fun shower.