[BLANK_AUDIO] What's better than having your shopping delivered straight to your door? Having it delivered to your door by a robot. We're talking you to the local delivery robot [UNKNOWN] technology. Let's investigate. Let's talk about the robot itself. It's got GPS, so it knows where about on the street it is. It's got nine cameras around it. If you open it up here, you will see it will hold about two to three shopping bags. So it travels about six kilometers per hour. And the idea here is that you wouldn't own this, it would be owned by, for example, local businesses or a supermarkets, and when you ordered from them this thing would be sent all the way along the pavement to your house. So what happens when it encounters an obstacle? Well that's quite cool, actually. This thing is described as being semiautonomous. So, what that means is that, for the most part, it'll be able to navigate its own way around, but if it encounters an obstacle. It will basically send a message back to its control room, where a human with a computer will take a look at its camera feed and assess whether or not it can proceed or whether it needs to reroute. Now I asked about the QOC, it's got your precious shopping in it, what's to stop someone from running up and running off with it? Well, the fact that it's quite heavy, I got the basically because this thing is covered in so many cameras and sensors and it's got two way audio as well, basically the idea is that you have to be crazy to steal it because you're gonna be so easily identified. Of course, it's still in the early stages. It's in testing now. I have to say, I do like it, though. I think it's a cool idea. It doesn't hurt that the robot's really cute. This one we're seeing here is being controlled by a game controller, but ultimately I would like to see these rolling around the streets. I mean, there are a lot of Essentially brilliant case where this could come in handy. For example, if you were buying some clothes I really like the idea of the robot rolling up, you opening it up, trying everything on, and the stuff that you don't like just popping it back in the robot, and sending it back to the shop. Finally I am told that the robot hasn't yet been officially named. So if you have any good idea maybe pop them in the comments. All right that's all for now. But check out cnet.com/nwc for much more. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]