How's Facebook thinking about its own role in creating this platform for entrepreneurship around the world? I know that's something you've been thinking a lot about. To me, entrepreneurship is about creating change, not just creating companies, and the most effective entrepreneurs who I've met We care deeply about some mission and some change that they're trying to create. And often they don't even start because they're trying to create a company. Right, that's how I think about my connection to all of us here is. When I was getting started, when I wanted, I cared deeply about giving everyone a voice And giving people the tools to share everything that they cared about and bringing a community together and it started small in one university and I didn't think it was gonna be a company at the time, as a matter of fact I was convinced at some point someone would build something like this for the world, but I thought that would be some other company that already had thousands of engineers and was used to building stuff for hundreds of millions of people around the world, and what ended up happening was no one built it. So, we just kind of kept on going. People said at each step along the way, what you're doing All right maybe college students like it, but no one else is gonna like it. And there's not gonna be any money in doing this. So, all right you only really do it if you can or if you're passionate about doing it. And then it starts growing and people said it would be a fad. And it would never be a good business, but you keep going because you care. Not because you're trying to create a business. And you know then there was the shift to mobile where people thought that it wouldn't be a sustainable business and you know it's the reach of these things, the entrepreneurs who I think build things that last for a long time keep going because they care fundamentally about the change that they're trying to create in a world And they're not in it just to build a company. And you know, I carry with that me today. You know, today, we look at a world with more than seven billion but more than four billion of us are not on the Internet. And you know, we talk about having an equal opportunity to be able to create a change in the world. Yeah I think that's a really hard thing to do if you don't have access to some of the basic infrastructure and technical tools that are necessary to build this kind of technical product. So you know, I kinda think about what we're doing today Very similarly to how I thought about where we were at the beginning. I get people all the time, who come to me and say, all right, well, you're investing billions of dollars, and trying to put Internet connectivity in places where we don't get paid for it. It's not something that we'll make any money from, for a very long period time, if it works out. But it's this deep belief that you're trying to make a change. You're trying to connect people in the world. And I really do believe that if you do something good, and if you help people out, then eventually some portion of that good will come back to you. And you may not know upfront what it's gonna be, but That's just been the guiding principle for me in the work that we've done, and I hope that some of the work that we do can play a role in empowering you and so many more entrepreneurs to build the next great company. Excellent. [APPLAUSE]