[MUSIC] Most of today's DIY HG Security Cameras cost at least a hundred bucks. Camera maker Tend Secure most of taken a look at the competition and thought, guys we can do way better than this. And in many ways they did. For just sixty bucks you can get your hands one of Tend's Lynx. Indoor cameras. The length isn't fancy or even particularly well made from a utilitarian standpoint. This plasticky base, for instance, doesn't actually hold the camera in place very well. But what's its missing in aesthetics, it mostly makes up for with 1080p, high definition resolution, night vision, two-way audio, free seven day event based cloud storage, and facial recognition. Not only did the link successfully differentiate among seven faces during my testing, the recognition software got smarter over time. At first I had to stand close to the camera for a while before it recognized me, but after it had logged a lot of images of my face from various unflattering angles, it began to improve. One potential deal breaker is its lack of smart home integrations. But you're still getting quite a lot of features for that $60. Overall [UNKNOWN] secures links indoor camera is definitely worth consideration if you want an HD camera with advanced features at an unbeatable price.