Don't wanna go out for lunch, don't worry this robot can bring it to you. With the appetite for food delivery growing, Yelp EAT24 and DoorDash are running pilot programs in California with delivery robots. We complement their fleets by being able to take on the small short distance orders. DoorDash is using the 35 pounds Starship robot that travels at four miles per hour. Cameras and sensors help it avoid pedestrians The amount of weight it can carry is about anywhere from 25 to 30 pounds. 824 is using the larger marble robot that has liedial or lie detection and ranging technology which is used in self-driving cars. It's able to perceive its environment and cruise down sidewalks. And basically deliver things from A to B inside of cities. The robots travel short distances up to one-and-a-half miles. They automatically navigate from the depot to the restaurant where the order is placed in a hot bag. It then brings the food to your door in about the same time it would take if a human was delivering the order. [SOUND] During the trial phase humans will accompany the bots on delivery runs. We always envision what we call a 99% autonomous model where in we'd always still be able to retain a human element of control and oversight. Whenever the robots encounter uncertain situations. Robots will be able to drive on their own of course. Over timing, that's the goal. In the future, these robots could be used to drop off more than just food. We're also looking at other markets, like grocery and pharmacy. So now the trials are limited to a few neighborhoods in San Francisco and Redwood City. In San Francisco, Lexi Savvides, for CBS News. [BLANK_AUDIO]