Compared to most other modern laptops, the biggest feature missing from Apple's Mac Book Air is a touch screen. If you don't wanna wait for Apple to officially add touch which may be never, the new Mac version of the Airbar adds basic touch screen functions to Apple's slim 13 inch laptop. The device is all ready available for Windows Laptops, sends a light beam up from a slim bar, that Magnetically attaches below the screen and connects via USB. Your finger interacts with the [UNKNOWN], and allows for the [UNKNOWN] All. The Mac vision of the Airbar has a camouflage like design. Matching the aluminum color of MacBooks. You'll forget it's there except when it's time to close your laptop. It handles tasks like basic scrolling pretty well but you'll find that it works much better towards the middle and bottom of the screen. Towards the top it feels less accurate. Sometimes there's also frustrating accidents like unintentional closed tabs. If you want to use the two finger gestures is a Mac driver to download from the AirBar website, otherwise it's plug and play. AirBar will need some time to work out its kinks and will take some getting used to. This could be especially useful for interactive presentations at meetings or on screen drawing and sketching for artists. And my loyalty is still with the trackpad but have the option of having a touchscreen is never a bad thing.