[MUSIC] Hi guys, I'm Moser, and this is the WRT1900ACS Wi-Fi router from Linksys. Now this one here is not to be confused with this WRT1900AC that came out last year, even though the two are very easy to confuse with one another. The are basically the same. Same color, same design, same amount of antennae, same amount of ports on the back. If you look closely though, they actually do have some difference. This one here, the old one, has the fan on the inside. And the new one here, no more fan. That means there's one less thing to break, and there's no noise. And don't worry, in my testing it still stayed quite cool. On the inside there are even more differences and they are huge. This new one here is the first I've ever seen that runs on a very powerful dual-core 1.6 Ghz processor compared to the 1.2 Ghz of this one here. It also has. 512 megabyte of VDR system memory, twice that of the old one here. Now the new ACS router here still remains a three stream or three by three 802.11 AC router. But thanks to the more powerful hardware, in my testing it was clearly faster than the old AC right here. In fact it was one of the fastest on the market. It has a top sustained wi-fi speed of up to 550 mega bit per second. That is really good. Now working with an excellent hard drive as a network storage server, its also very fast. Via a giga bit connection, it averages, Almost 100 megabyte per second. That is faster than many dedicated NAS servers. So in all, this new WRT1900ACS here is a total great upgrade to this old WRT1900AC router here, and completely worth its new price of $230. Now remember this one here is the true dual band router and that means if will support all existing WiFi clients. Now for more on this one check out my full review at Cnet.com basically this new router replaced the old one over there as the best WiFi router from Linksys today in fact it's so good you'll be happy. To have one right now. Middle. I think I want two. And take a look, I do have two. And that's because I'm Domo and I always have what I want and you, on the other hand, always want what I have. And this has been the first look at the WRT 1900 ACS router from Linksys. [MUSIC]