[MUSIC] These are the top five phones with the best battery life. One of the more positive trends in modern smart phones has to be bigger batteries. Yes we've had thinner phones and lighter phones and less bezel everywhere woohoo. But a phone that lasts all day? Now that's exciting. let's get to it. Number 5 is the LG V30 with 17 hours and 30 minutes of battery life. LG makes some great phones, but it seems like its arch rival gets all the headlines. Of course I'm talking about Palm Now Samsung. Anyway the V 30 has some clean styling big that screen wireless charging is water resistant and even has a headphone jack madness. Coming in at number four is the Blackberry Key 2. It ran for 18 hours. That's excellent. Keys on the Key 2's physical keyboard are 20% taller than the keys on the Blackberry Key 1. Keys. The physical keys can also act as shortcuts to ask or text using long or short presses. You can have 52 different shortcuts. If you're thinking wait Blackberry is alive. Blackberry phones are made by TCL. The original Blackberry company, formerly known as Research in Motion, Handles the software still. BlackBerry devices now run Android. [SOUND] We're at number three, and three times three is nine. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ran for 19 hours and 20 minutes during our tests, the Note 8 holding around 17 hours. So battery life should not be the defining characteristic if you're looking to upgrade from a Note 8 to a 9. Otherwise, the Note 9 is a very powerful device and is also handy for those of us who like to jot things down instead of typing. The Note 9 also added some neat tricks to its S Pen. It can now act as a remote control, as well as a stylist. The massive battery in the Note 9 charges the S Pen. Number two is the Vivo Nex clocking in at 21 hours and 50 minutes thanks to its 4,000 milli amp hour battery. You guys know the Nex, right? It's got that pop up selfie camera, no notch here. The Nex also includes a fingerprint sensor in the screen. The downside of the NEX Vivo, scan on Android is kind of clunky. Let's get back that selfie camera and answer the question on everyone's mind. How tough is that camera? It's actually pretty sturdy and it's far from flimsy. And the phone with the best battery life is the Samsung S8 Active at 24 hours. Yeah, you heard me right. A whole freaking day. The S8 Active maybe ancient news because it came out way back in the olden days of 2017. But let's talk a little bit about good old grandpa S8 Active. It's really tough you don't need a case for this thing. You can throw the S8 Active against a wall and the wall will likely be more damaged than the phone, the S8 Active has a flat screen, no Infinity Edge here. It also has the Snapdragon 835 processor which is still plenty fast. As it's been around for a bit you can find the S8 Active at around $400 online. Thanks to the one and only Lynn Law for helping me out with this top five and for testing loads and loads of phones. Did this list finally convince you to buy a BlackBerry KEY2? Really? Let me know. I'm Iyaz Akhtar, and I'll see you online. [MUSIC]