[MUSIC] The Dell's Venue 8 7000 is a super-slim android tablet with a stylish flair and unique photography chops. In fact, it might be one of the best tablets out there. I'm Xiomara Blanco for CNET. Let's take a closer look. Currently, the Venue 8 7000 is the skinniest tablet available. At six millimeters thin, it's slimmer than the iPad Air 2, and weighing in at a little over half a pound, it's also lighter. The eight-incher barely has any bezel, save for the one that houses the speaker and two megapixel front-facing cameras. Despite its slenderness, its sturdy aluminum body feels solid and comfortable when holding it. The Dell venue eight 7000 runs a mostly pure version of Android KitKat four point four, with an expected upgrade to lollypop five point o soon. It houses an Intel Atom quad-core processor, two gigabytes of RAM, 16 gigabytes of internal storage, and a micro SD card reader. It boasts an 8.4 inch OLED display, with a 2560 by 1600 pixel resolution that looks vividly sharp and colorful. Gaming graphics and HD video are impressively crystal clear. Basic tasks like searching the web, streaming video, and playing simple mobile games run without a hitch. Even large games and apps load swiftly. The performance is typically fast, lagging is more frequent than I like, especially when downloading apps and switching screen orientation. The main attraction to this tablet is its Intel Real Sense snapshot depth. Camera. It's similar to a light tro camera and offers unique photo capabilities for a tablet. There are three lens on the back that provide depth information which after taking the image allows you to change the focal point. The ability to choose your point of focus after you take the picture can come in handy not just for the artsy, fartsy folks but also for those who want to take a quick photo and worry about the details later. The venue Eight 7000 also comes pre-loaded with powerful photo editing software so if you do want to let your inner tablet photographer out you can definitely do so. Taking a photo using the Real Sense camera is a little awkward. The tablet has to be held with the big bevel on top and the Dell logo upside down. Because otherwise your hands could easily block the cameras. Aside from being confusing the issue with holding the tablet like this is that it's easy and common to accidentally press the discrete power and volume buttons. There's definitely a learning curve to using the camera though as a photography enthusiast. I've enjoyed trying to master it. I'm still getting to know the tablet so for an in-depth look check out my full review. I'm Tamara Blonket for CNet and this has been a first look at the Dell Venue 8 7000. [MUSIC]