Hi guys. This is the RT2600AC router from Synology. It's one of my favorites, and here's why. First, it's fast. It has the top Wi-Fi speed of up to 700, actually more, megabits per second. Also, it has good range and quite reliable in my testing. But, what I like the most is its operating system, the so called Synology Router Manager. It's not only comprehensive, it also offers the most unique feature on a router I've ever seen. The coolest thing is the fact that you can add more function to the router via packages. For example, if you want the router to download files by itself for you, Get the download station. If you want to make your home network secure, get the intrusion prevention package, or VPN or get the VPN package and more. You can also actually add packages that you develop yourself. Now keep in mind that the router does not have an internal storage so before you can install an app into it you need to connect a external hard drive To one of eight USB ports here, or use an SD card. And by doing so, you're also turned into a robust home network storage server. So again able to store shared folder or stream media to different devices in your home. And by the way, everything works well with this router in my trial. Now one of the things it's very hard for other routers to do well that is the web filtering. Most of them can block most websites, but not secure websites. This one can, so it can block Facebook, YouTube, or Google if you want You can also dictate the broadband speed to a particular client so that it will not hog the entire bandwidth. Basically, if you want to get the most out of your network and have the best control over your home, this is the router to have. Now that said, for my money, this one here is totally worth the coin cost of some $250 but for your money you might want to consider the older model, the RT1900AC. Now, it's a little bit slower but has exactly the same pixel set. So basically if you're advanced user this is a great router for you, you'll love it. For the rest of you I'm Don Go. You love that too, don't you? Of course you do. And this is the RT2600ac router [INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC]