[MUSIC] Hi, guys, **** Ngo and this is the RT19900AC router from Synology. That's right. Now before this one here, Synology is known to make netbook attached storage servers on [UNKNOWN] This router we actually can also be a good mass server by itself. When hosting an actual hard drive through its HD enabled port. In this case, it can do a lot more than other routers that have a big [UNKNOWN]. For example, you make this download by itself using this download station right here. And you can shuffle things very easily as you can see. And once downloaded it can also use the media station to share the content with the rest of the network. Now, the router can also be the host for [UNKNOWN] machine backup, a VPM server, a server for your DNS, and many other future features Now, all of that can be controlled by this very comprehensive interface called Synology Router Manager. It actually is the most comprehensive interface from where I have seen. Now, it's not the fastest nor is it with the longest range. But it's not the most expensive either. Basically if you want a solid Wi-Fi network and a very comprehensive network storage future, this is a great router to have. In fact, I find the best 1900 router on the market. Completely worth its current price of 180 dollars. On the other hand if you already have a [UNKNOWN] server from Synology which I do the storage future is kind of redundant. Beyond that I have not one but two of these bad boys. Here we go. And that means when I say is great, is true. And when I say I like it, I mean it. And when I say I don't know, I really am. [NOISE]