If you ask a tech fan what the advantages of buying an ebook reader are, you'll get a familiar list of technological bullet points. It's light and compact. You can download books wirelessly. You can read them in direct sunlight. The battery lasts for up to a month. And these are all true. But they're not the reasons I love my e reader more than my head phones, my games console, even my smart phone. No, the reason this e ink rectangle is my favorite gadget is a different one. And it's very simple. I love this thing cuz now that I own one I read. I read books, novels, plays, I read all of Game of Thrones. I discovered new authors. I learned I have a weird thing for historical naval fiction. I read things other than Twitter and Facebook. I'm more relaxed, my imagination is tied up. I read every day and I didn't before. I meet loads of people who say I don't get this e-book reader thing. Nothing beats the feel of a physical book ,the magic on ink on the page. And I agree the musty smell of the library, the crinkled paper back. Physical books are brilliant but not if your not actually, you know, reading them. Turns out what I thought was my deep-seated love of literature was actually a deep-seated love of convenient literature. So if you're like me, someone who loves books but doesn't actually read, maybe it's time to heed the e-reader's call.