[MUSIC] So you might be shopping for a budget smartphone. There's great new, there's a lot of really affordable options out there. I think a favorite I've seen is the Moto G. This is an update to last year's Moto G and there are a lot of new things in it that make it worth your while. It's got LTE and if you're a worldwide customer you could have gotten that before but in the US now this is the first Moto G that has LTE. It's also got an improved camera 13 mega pixels on the back, five on the front. And it's water resistant. IPX 7 so you could put this in water, one meter of water for 30 minutes. which means you could drop it in a puddle, you could possible take it in a quick bath or a shower but it's not really meant for swimming, it's meant to ensure against dunks and accidental exposure to water. This has some customization too. Like always Moto likes to have some ability to change colors, here this back plate can snap off and you can put on different colored backs, you can also pick different colored trims here. It's all made out of plastic With a gorilla glass front, but it feels really nice and solid. This is a five inch display, 720p, which looks perfectly fine. And, it's running pretty much a pure Android. This is Android 5.1.1 and it feels so clean it's like using a Nexus phone. Now the processor is not that great, it's a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410, similar to what was on the G before, it's just not all that fast, but it's fast enough to get your basic stuff done. If you're really into playing games Are doing a lot of work on your phone, you'll feel that it's laggy compared to premium phones. But the battery life is really good, it's water resistant, feels nice, camera's good, and it's affordable. It's $180 with 8 gigs of storage and 1 gig of RAM, where you can pay up $40 and get one with 16 gigs and 2 gigs of RAM. That's the one I would pick. There are a lot of affordable phones now that are unlocked The [UNKNOWN] might be my favorite and [UNKNOWN] at CNET with the Moto G 2015. My favorite budget smart phone. [MUSIC]