Speaker 1: We therefore commit this phone To the ground Earth, to earth Stylists, to stylists The new galaxy S 22 ultra seems [00:00:30] like the end of the galaxy note line, but is it Well, galaxy note, you old friend, This could be the end for you. So I guess I'd like to take a moment and remember all the happiness you provided and ponder. If Samsung is really killing [00:01:00] you off or just purposing you for other phones. Speaker 1: The galaxy note first debuted in 2012, and it was defined by a 5.3 and screen. Now think about it right now. Currently in 2022, the iPhone 13 mini has a 5.4 inch screen slightly bigger, but at that time back in 20 12, 5 0.3 [00:01:30] inch screen, that that is enormous. That is huge. In fact, uh, the iPhone fours, which was out only had a 3.5 inch screen in comparison, my colleague Jessica do court who reviewed the galaxy note, described it as a kooky cool throwback because it had a built in stylist. And this was something that you would see on older phones, like the Palm trio, or even going back to something like the Palm pilot. Now, the stylist was called the Spen, but the Spen in 2012 [00:02:00] was pretty much just to stick. It didn't have remote control, Bluetooth youth capabilities or advance handwriting features. It was basically kind of like using a pencil on a phone screen, Speaker 1: Looking back at the first few versions of the note. It's important to keep in mind that the Spen was not the only reason behind its success. In fact, to quit my colleague, Jessica, again, the style may have been the wild card feature, but at the end of the day, the phone was all [00:02:30] about the screen, uh, that allowed for all kinds of things. You had multiple customizable home screens. You had the ability, uh, to have apps with more room for productivity and gaming year after year. Samsung made the screen on the galaxy note larger and by doing so showed us the path forward for future phones and kind of what phones would become. In fact, I bet for most people watching this video, the phone in your pocket right now has a screen that's larger than six inches or more. And also [00:03:00] keep in mind that at the time, and maybe even now apple and its iPhone seems to overshadow everything. Speaker 1: And the galaxy note is the most on apple phone you could buy, which was definitely appeal for a lot of people. The last official note Samsung released was in 2020, and there were two, the galaxy note 20 and the galaxy note, 20 ultra the ultra was impressive and expensive. It had a $1,300 price tag. The note 20 ultra also had a 6.9 inch [00:03:30] 120 Hertz high refresh rate display. And the S pin that it came with had a slew of features, including handwriting on auto straighten PDF importing air gestures, and the ability to use the Spen as a remote trigger for a selfie photo. Speaker 1: In comparison, the regular galaxy know 20 was a bit of a disappointment. It had a plastic back, it had straighted screen, slightly less capable cameras, but [00:04:00] it did have a slightly more reasonable price tag at a thousand dollars. And keep in mind that when the note 20 came out and the note 20 ultra that Sampson had already released the galaxy S 20 ultra, which aside from lacking a stylist seemed like the new big deal phone in 2021 Sampson gave the galaxy note line a sabbatical year, but it turns out that the Spen is minor than the corporate sword of Samsung because Spen support showed up in new phones. So [00:04:30] we had the galaxy S 21 altar that had Spen support. Then we had the galaxy Z full three that had Spen support and only that it had its own special Spen with a tip. Now, the downside to using the Spen with either of these phones was the fact that you didn't have a place to store the Spen when you weren't using it inside the phone. Speaker 1: And now there is the galaxy S 22 ultra, which is definitely not a [00:05:00] galaxy note, but has Spen support and a place to store the Spen. And its esthetic actually looks like a galaxy note from the fact that it doesn't have the domino size camera bump that melted into the side of the galaxy S 21 that's gone and in its place is a flat looking camera array with lenses that look like ornate buttons on the back in terms of pushing the limits of screen size. You have the galaxy Z fold three, which [00:05:30] takes what the note was doing with screen and goes even farther with a 7.6 inch screen. Well, galaxy not old friend seems like we've hit the end of the road. We've had our ups like the beautiful design of the galaxy note edge. And the fact that you added the word fab to our vernacular and we've had our downs like the whole fiery battery situation on the galaxy note seven. I, I know, [00:06:00] I know we don't like to talk about that, but it doesn't seem like Samsung's ever gonna make a new galaxy note ever again. Now, Samsung hasn't come out and said just that, but to quote the magic eight ball Speaker 1: Also signs point to yes. Rest in power galaxy note. Oh, and uh, if you're wondering about the galaxy note seven, we decided to put it in its [00:06:30] own separate spot simply marked by an appropriately. So an eternal flame. But now I wanna hear from you guys, what do you think about the possibility of Samsung forever ending the galaxy note line? Do you think adding capabilities for the Spen to the S 22 ultra and the galaxies, the fold line is gonna make [00:07:00] up for it. Also, if you've owned a galaxy, no phone, which ones have you owned? Tell me about them. Throw your thoughts in the column. Focus, dude.