[MUSIC] Hi guys this is the Orbi wi-fi router for Netgear. Did I say router I lied it's actually a wi-fi system. Why because on top of this router here you also have this [UNKNOWN]. The two work together. Now how do I? Well first, you connect this router here to your modem or internet source. There's one port right here. And then turn it on. After that, take on this add-on unit here. Move it away from the first one, maybe 60, 80 feet away, and also turn it on. Now it will have a very large wi-fi network, which is a combined coverage of the both units. Now the two of them here are configured to work together So if you make changes to the router network, it would be replicated to the add on unit too. So in other words, the add on unit here is the wireless wi-fi extender of the first router. Now personally, up to now Now, I'm not a fan of Wi-Fi extender because they tend to use the same band to receive and rebroadcast a Wi-Fi signal, resulting in a huge loss of signal up to 50%. But the Orbi is different. The two of them here use a dedicated Quad stream band to connect the two. After that, they can have another two band. One on 5GHz and another on 2.4GHz to broadcast signal for WiFi clients. So client connect to the router here or the add-on unit will receive the same result, no signal loss. Not the tricky part is to find the right spot to place the add on unit. Too far from the router here, there would be no signal to extend and to close, well, it cannot optimize the coverage area. So have with that, it comes with With this color changing ring on top here. Make sure the ring shows solid blue during setup process. [INAUDIBLE] These two are actually excellent. In my testing, it has the sustained speed of Some 420 megabit per second, which is not the fastest on the market, but faster than many other routers. And the wi-fi range is also excellent. I tested it [UNKNOWN] house of almost 4,000 square feet, and I got signal to every single corner. Now of course, It can actually handle larger house or maybe smaller house depending on how your home is shaped. You can also get more add on units, up to two more, to extend the coverage. But I would not recommend that. Because these two right here already cost $400 and each of the add ons here will cost $250. So, if you add more units, it'll be too expensive. Maybe you just think about moving to a smaller home. This is a great WiFi system that quickly give you a large WiFi coverage without compromising the speed. I like it a lot, in fact, I like it so much I get two. Here we go, did I say two? I lied, I actually have a Three. That's how much I like it, and that's because I'm [UNKNOWN], and with all these three here, I should have an orgy wi-fi system from Netgear.