[MUSIC] During a San Fransisco event today, LG announced its latest high end phone, the V20. Featuring a 5.7 inch display and an aluminum design, the V20 has a unique rear cover release key Which allows you to pop off the back plate and access the removable 3.2 ampere hour battery. The phone also has three cameras. The two shooters in the back include a 16 megapixel standard lens and an eight megapixel wide angle lens, similar to LG's G5 Side Shift. On the front is a single five megapixel camera, but it can capture both standard and wide angle images up to 120 degrees. The camera also has improved image stabilization and fun filters that work on video recordings. Similar to its V10 predecessors, the V20 has a narrow screen at the top of its regular display. Here you can add a signature and get shortcut access to your favorite apps and contacts. This time, however, the secondary screen is brighter and has a higher contrast so it's easier to read. Although a few Nexus phone have already received Google's latest Android 7.0 update over the year, the V20 will be the first handset to come out of the box With the Nougat OS. The update [UNKNOWN] features like multi-window and replying inside a notification. With this device, LG also took a big emphasis on audio. It equipped the phone with three mics and four digital to analog converters. You also have more advanced audio settings and there's an app for HD audio recording. Other specs include a Snapdragon 820 processors, 4 gigs of RAM, 64 gigs of internal memory with the ability to expand up to 2 terabytes. And a USB type C port. For more info about the LG V20, check out our full hands on at cnet.com. [MUSIC]