Speaker 1: It's a monitor. No, it's a tv. It's flat or it's curved. The LG OD Flex is a lot of things, but what makes this the most unique monitor that I've seen before is the fact that it can curve on demand using a button on its included remote. Check this out. I'm gonna start curving it right now. This is a $2,500 monitor, not cheap. That's nearly double the price of my C2 series 55 [00:00:30] inch that I threw up at home, which I love by the way. Now with this monitor, you're gonna get that same great picture, but even more features and abilities that are geared toward gamers, and I'm gonna get into all that in this video, so let's check them out. Speaker 1: The LG Flex Monitor is a massive 42 inches and very much doubles as a tv. In fact, LG is marketing it as a tv and [00:01:00] it even comes with the remote. The screen lifts up and down and tilts up to 10 degrees forward or up to five degrees backwards. The screen has what LG calls a super anti reflection, which LG internal tests show 25% less reflection compared to their G two and C2 series TVs. To me, it does look very free of reflections, but that may change with its position. Along the back are four H D M I ports that support H D [00:01:30] M I 2.1 and an arc E arc port for sound bars. On the other side is an ethernet and optical port and cable antenna connector. Two plates adhere to the back to cover up the port and create a clean look. Speaker 1: Along the base is another USB port headphone jack and USB cycle button, as well as a Dolby Atmo speaker, which sounds fantastic. This screen has bias lighting. The X shaped light on the rear of the monitor is customizable from [00:02:00] the settings menu. It's rare to see accent lighting built into monitors. I've mostly seen attachable lights like the gradient strip from Phillips Hue. There are multiple settings, video sync mode, which analyzes the screen and syncs along to content sound sync, which glows to the audio dynamic mode and peaceful mode, which change colors at different speeds and static mode for setting to a specific color. Colors and brightness are all adjustable in settings to adjust the curve on the monitor, there's a dedicated [00:02:30] button on the remote. You can use the arrow buttons to adjust the curve between 20 intensities. If you're familiar with L G O LEDs, then you already know that these screens look incredible. Speaker 1: They create perfect black thanks to local pixel dimming and to have great color and contrast when it comes to software. This monitor has many of the same features as L G O LED TVs. You have access to streaming platforms, smart home control, gallery art, and more. There's a custom gaming dashboard [00:03:00] which displays info like frames per second and the ability to turn on multi view for playing games alongside video content and more gaming on the flex is an experience God of war on PS five felt more immersive than it ever has. On my L G O LED at home, I opted to keep the screen fully curved for gaming. I felt encapsulated by the game and the nearby curve screen felt more comfortable than a flat screen far away. The lights added a cool effect. Specifically I like sound sync the best. Both video sync [00:03:30] and sound sync were cool to play along to and added an interesting effect. Speaker 1: I could see the light peering out from below the screen, leaning back in my chair and raising the screen up high and tilted down. Feels like I'm using my own private arcade using the screen as a work monitor. I found that I preferred the screen to be curved at the full a hundred percent also, which was surprising. Having the ends of the screen closer to my face made it easier for me to read my documents. The extra screen retail space is awesome and I can fit all of my windows [00:04:00] in at once with room spare LGS marketing this screen as a tv, and I kind of see it as a monitor first TV second in people's multipurpose rooms where they have their desk and a couch or a bed cross from it where they're watching it. Now, the one main drawback of this is its size, right? Speaker 1: I found that it needed to be 20 inches away from me in addition to its 10 inches of depth. So that means you're gonna need a desk that's at least 30 inches and not everyone's gonna have that space. I know I don't. A good alternative [00:04:30] to this could be the Lgc two series 42 inch screen. You can mount that on your wall. I came out with a video on that at last year's ces, so I'll pop that on the screen as well as our reviews of the C2 series TVs and we've got so much more coming for you on monitors and TVs at this year's ces. So be sure to subscribe to the channel. And if you enjoyed this video, give it a like, I'm Justin and I'll take you later.