[MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] fashion followers finally have a small watch that they won't be ashamed to wrap around their wrist. It's called the LG G Watch R, and it's the most visually striking of all the Android based watches we've seen so far, and the design is absolutely the reason to be excited about this watch. Unlike almost all other smart watches, this one actually managed to look like a regular watch. And an attractive one, at that. But it is round rather than square. It's made from black metal. There are numbers and notches around the raised rim to help tell the time. And it uses a real leather strap. I think it's the best looking smart watch we've seen. Although, it's chunky angular appearance won't get to everyone's taste. There are various watch faces choose from and these really help make this watch look great. Many of the faces mimic classic analog watches with splendid silver hands ticking around dark backgrounds. Some of the faces are so realistic in fact that you need to get quite close up to tell that it isn't a real watch. [MUSIC] Some faces also give extra information. The fitness one, for example, shows a tally of your stats throughout the day, while the hiking shows the compass and your elevation. The crown on the sides act as the home button, and the heart rate's on the back. And it's waterproof to one meter for up to 30 minutes. [???] of this watch is functionally identical to every other android wear smart watch, as the software it remains completely unchanged. When connected to your Android phone, the watch will display cards, show notifications, or other information which can be dismissed with a swipe. You can perform searches or reply to emails using voice commands, and it's here the watch [INAUDIBLE] folds down. Although asking whether I needed a jacket tomorrow, it quickly pulled up the weather forecast, dictating email replies frequently went wrong. Although the LGG watch [UNKNOWN] is the most beautiful watch we've so far seen, it's basically just a prettier wrapper for the same disappointing software. I'm [UNKNOWN] why I can perform a few neat tricks, but it doesn't yet provide anything that's essential, or even particularly exciting. And even the things it can do don't work as well as they should. If you're a dedicated Android fanatic and are itching to put a Smart watch on your arm, the LG G Watch R is the best of the current crop to go for. If you're after the device that will usher in a new area of communication, you're still in for a bit of a wait. I'm Andrew Hoyle C-Net and this is the LG G Watch R.