[MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO] What's happening? Brian Tong here, and welcome to the Apple Byte for everything good and bad inside the world of Apple. Now if you wanna get your first taste of iOS 10, and I know there's a lot of you, the public beta is available now. You can get access by signing up for Apple's beta software program online for free, but I will warn you to put it on a secondary device because not all your apps may work the same way. You know because it's a beta. But not everyone really cares about that, they just want the new stuff. Now Apple's also seeded the second developer beta for iOS 10, tvos, watchOS tres and [SOUND] My name is macOS Sierra. I did that for you. iOS beta 2 gets a few new tweaks, like handling your widgets, that you can access at any time with a swipe from the notifications, new 3D Touch options in the Control Center for the flashlight, and timer. And your medical ID has the option for organ donation. So I can give my heart to you. Aw! It also looks like the voicemail transcription feature is starting to roll out. The actual feature is still a beta itself, but you can tap on an individual voicemail, and ouila, the transcription is there. Pretty sweet. Also, I could go on and on about watchOS 3 and you know it's completely changed about how I feel about the Apple Watch because I'm wearing it almost every day. Now we've talked about what makes it different, but one of the new app additions is called Breath. This isn't a throwaway app, and it's actually useful for simple deep breathing exercises that can help you relax your body Enquire mind. I've used it and it's really a nice feature to have. Plus, you can even set reminders to take in a deep breath. [SOUND] [MUSIC] Hey what's up? Hi. [FART] [MUSIC] [SOUND] [MUSIC] So, yeah. I [INAUDIBLE] made me throw up in my mouth. You can adjust how often the breathe app reminds you. But even after all that, I still love Watch OS3. All right. [SOUND] A report from DigiTimes claims Apple may switch to micro LED displays for the Apple Watch in the second half of 2017, at the earliest. Moving away from the current OLED screen. The timeline would suggest OLED screens would still be around for the AppleWatch 2, and micro LED panels would be ready for the AppleWatch 3. Micro LED displays are thinner and lighter. With an improved color gambit, increased brightness and higher resolutions, all good things. They do not require back light but are reportedly more difficult and expensive to mass produce. And in the latest iPhone news and rumors, the latest CAD renders from nowhere else FR, continue to show the larger 5.5 inch phone with an opening to support a duel lens camera and a 4.7 inch model with a larger camera cut out for a single lens. And again the design reinforces a lightning port with dual speakers at the base with no headphone jack. But if you're still disgusted over Apple's insistence to have an entry level iPhone with 16Gig, a Wall Street journal report has squashed that claiming the iPhone 7 or whatever they call it will finally come with 32 Gig of storage in the base model. I won't believe it until I actually see it. Plus, Nintendo has decided to wake up and will invest in physical controllers for smartphones and tablets. At least five years later than they should have. Have. I've ripped Nintendo for years for being so stubborn. Instead of just at the very least, releasing $5 to $10 versions of their classics on mobile devices, you know everyone would still buy them. They'll also release five new mobile titles by March. Again, at least five years later than they should have. Sorry, no bad apples here, this is just straight embarrassing how late to the party they are. [MUSIC] But they might have completely redeemed themselves with the release of Pokemon Go in New Zealand, Australia, and a roll-out to some U.S. markets. You basically use your smartphone camera and GPS to create an augmented reality, or what I'd rather call real life, where can capture, collect traits, and battle. Pokemon. Now for someone who regularly uses to his seven-year-old and four-year-old nephews at the card game, this is my chance for revenge. Jake and Tyler, you hear me. Jake Tong and Tyler Tong, you are going down, and I'm gonna kick your butts. [SOUND] All right, that's gonna do it for this week's show. You can always email us at theapplebyte@cnet.com or tweet me me @briantong. I even got this nice sketch from Gabriel Totelli of an iPhone sketch He did in 1991. Call back to last week's show. All right, thanks so much for watching. We'll catch y'all next time for the Byte of the Apple. [MUSIC]