If you sit at your desk wearing earbuds all day, you are doing it all wrong. In a lot of workplaces, earbuds are essential. They can drown out chatty coworkers, cut out distractions. And they tell the world uh-uh, I'm busy right now. Well if all of this sounds familiar then listen to this. Earbuds can permanently damage your ears. When a very focused audio source goes directly into your ear, aggressive waves hit the tiny hairs that turn sound into signals for your brain. Data from Harvard Medical School suggest that even low volumes can damage Those hairs. Eventually, hearing in quiet environments can be completely normal, but once background noise is introduced, making sense of sound becomes a lot more difficult. So, when you're at work, ditch the ear buds for over-the-ear headphones, you'll shut out the world while putting less stress on your precious ear hairs, and now you're doing Doing it right. Thanks also to A.D.A. M. Education for supplying the animation, and if you want additional healthcare information, please visit healthcaremagic.com!