Welcome to Harborside. Thank you. This is our entrance lobby here. Inside the Harborside cannabis dispensary founder Steve DeAngelo ends the tour with this highlight. I call it the future of cannabis medicine. Their cannabis products targeting specific ailments. So just like the varieties of cannabis have different effects. The cannabis medicines will also have different effects. So some are very, very good for insomnia, this one on the other hand, is really, really great for inflammation. With a growing pot industry, the current focus is on fast and effecient testing for potentcy. Really important now for our growers to be aware of The type of testing that's out there and take kinda preventative action, produce the cleanest product that they can. But at the Steep Hill Labs A testing facility, they are also working on science to take cannabis to the next level where medical marijuana can be personalized. There is no ultimate cannabis. So there's no one strain. There's no one size fits all in cannabis because everybody's individual Biochemistry really affects that experience. So what ends up happening is when we get asked that question, it's like well, what are you trying to do? The ultimate strain is the one that is correct for whatever you're trying to do. Steep Hill created one of the first homogenetic testing kits to determine the sex of a cannabis plant. Now they are focused on the cannabis genome. There are 500 or so different compounds in cannabis. Which makes it a very very complex plant, a very complex species at all. In fact the genome, the number of genes, and the number of DNA bases in the cannabis genome is way way larger than humans. It's a much more complex Species than humans are, if you can believe that, in terms of its genetics and the number of compounds that it produces. They're working to develop an ancestry.com and 23andMe type service for canabis. They track lineage and do DNA analysis. What we can then do is directed breeding to imporove specific Analyzed for specific compounds that may have medicinal qualities. So that's why [UNKNOWN] .com, 23 and me type services are absolutely essential for the future of the cannabis industry to be able to breed those things that will be Either more targeted to certain populations, or medicinal. And that could lead to the creation of new strains, designed for specific symptoms. There are no strains for some of those things, and so that's where the directed breeding and the tools that we're building help to be able to focus some of that, to be able to build that strain that is good for you.