[MUSIC] Why take selfies wist a phone when you could be using a drone? The Hover Camera Passport is a super lightweight, super easy to use drone camera that will take your selfies from boring old phone basics into 360 degree masterpieces. It's got a really lightweight, carbon fiber body which folds out from about the size of a book. You flip it out and with the press of a power button, you've suddenly got a flying selfie camera. It's got a camera and flash on the front and a sonar and camera underneath hope detect how far the hover camera passport From the ground, so will always follow you. It shoots 360 degree video, so it can spin around you, and it'll shoot in up to 4k with 13 megapixel photos. Best of all, if you nudge or bump the hover camera passport, it's gonna stay right where it is. It's got a stabilizing mechanism, that means your selfies will always turn out perfectly. Here on the show floor at CES, we've seen plenty to do with floating, flying cameras. But this one's certainly a stand out. And it's lightweight enough that you can throw it in your backpack when you're done