[MUSIC] All right, so Amazon Go stores are starting to proliferate albeit very, very slowly. We finally got one in New York, you have to check it out. What, tell me about why we should care about this Amazon Go store. Okay so, this one just opened today at Brookfield place, it's an upscale mall near the World Trade Center. The big difference here because this is the 12th Amazon go store. So what's actually different here is that this is the first Amazon go store to accept cash. So Amazon go was literally created to get rid of Cash, cashiers, lines, all that other stuff so you can literally walk in and walk out in a couple of seconds. There's been a lot of blowback to the concept of going cashless Yep. Because it's really considered to be exclusionary to certain people that either Don't have a credit card or don't have a phone. So, this is Amazon's effort to respond to that. So what was it like being in that store? Was there someone who took the cash, like, how did that work? So they walked me through a demo because they knew people were gonna ask about this. Since this is the first store. That did this, and essentially what you do is, you get to a greeter and the greeter lets you in, and then you walk around, get everything that you need to get. And then you go to a little counter and somebody will Basically scan in all stuff and give you a paper receipt, and it's not exactly as tech-y as you would expect an Amazon Go store to be. So it's just like any other store, basically. Yes, yes, but you don't have to have a special app and you can just pay with cash if you want to. So from that regard, Yeah, it is not more inclusive. I does feel like it defeats the whole purpose of that Amazon Go Store, doesn't it? Yes. Okay. [LAUGH] No kidding. So long as we're clear about that.