[MUSIC] Microsoft Hololens. This is the first fully untethered Holographic computer, HOLOLENS is real. And this will be available in the Windows 10 timeframe, all those studios simple. You have powerful tools make it easy for anyone to create 3D objects in just minutes. This is life with holograms, everything is right where he wants it and if I look up here on the wall I've got a video player. I simply reach out, air tap, and ride in the action. Now, wherever I go in my house, my entertainment tags along. And, I can scale it as big. Thing as I want. [MUSIC] Using holograms we can easily separate and focus in on individual systems. We can even see inside the heart to see the valves and action. Chemistry and genetics, art, engineering. And paleontology. [LAUGH] I'd like you to meet [UNKNOWN] team. [SOUND] We were able to overlay a holographic robot on top of a physical one. [MUSIC] We're excited to be able to show a new version of Minecraft built specifically for Microsoft HoloLens. Create world. [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [SOUND] [APPLAUSE] I see Lydia way out there. As I run around the frame, Zach can easily navigate, and manipulate the world, using his voice, and his hands. He can walk around the hologram, stand around for a different viewpoint, and even look inside. [MUSIC] We want to take mixed reality one step further so we've got something new to show you. Holograms you can hold. This holographic gauntlet is the weapon that Dan will be using while playing Project X-ray. You'll notice that as he moves his arms, the hologram moves as well. This is a wearable hologram. With Hololens, you're completely untethered, which means Dan is free to move around as he shoots at enemies and avoids their fire. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO] With Hololens, the action happens all around. And thanks to spatial sound, you'll hear the game play as though it's happening in your room. [MUSIC]