If you warm up you're car before driving, you're doing it all wrong.Growing up you were probably taught that you should let you're car warm up before you hit the road. So you sit there killing anywhere from two to five minutes while you wait for the temperature dial to make it's way up. But unless your car is about 20 years old, you're wasting your time. Idling your car is isn't just unnecessary, it creates more pollution, it wastes gas, and is an open invitation to thieves if you leave your car unattended. Cars made in the last couple decades can be driven cold without causing any problems. In fact your car warm must faster if you start driving it. That's much healthier for your vehicle than letting it idle. There are three common exceptions though. One is that it's literally freezing outside. You need to clear frost off of your windshield, or you really just want it to be toasty before you start driving. Otherwise, in all other cases, all you need is about 30 seconds of idling before you can start to drive. And now you're doing it right.