He's long ago that helped the big can be done without a lot of port we've print formatting has been and Smartphones. Initially some of the coolest stuff we've done we've it would control the center of the home because it's so simple and intuitive with Amazon's echo we can control almost every part device from the house including the life. Select site journal Ohio. The beer family room. Part of the entertainment on the back of the elect them up to a device called Hulu you don't have to worry about buying their local and Internet video with your boy we also installed Smart Dylan and the motion sensing technology no way the energy when you're not camera. And be a motion sensors talked are downstairs thermostat you can be batteries in addition to talking with collect them that sort of second central or my home vocal that electricity. It's. Very occasionally on the tube connected large client. Here's the them unveiling a refrigerator and here's an example Wi-Fi range. Nothing can export Smartphone and they can send the notification in his book burner. For the fridge Def cameras inside that showed the content will revert to restore and had even track the expiration date we've been skeptical about Smart laundry product but the whirlpool washer and drier than here actually has been useful features biggest tenant noticed your phone is loaded on and you can also remotely start and pause load mid cycle billable from the old bedroom into a room for a kid complete that collection like this handy remote control. He's really camera related you can keep and I kids and please don't odor that village detractors sleeping pads together as seamlessly track into the bed in the master betterment you're comfortable with them. We'll have our second or third that the master here who went will now be controlled the general hitting Cooley here. For the better work together with our other I could do on campus and Smart to regulate content from the more precisely even as part so garage door. Let's let's let's open and closed the garage com and app but also elect of what commands. And everything worked so well we want it. That countertop from DuPont actually has wireless card built into it as you can see it not quite as responsive as it like. So what are we learned moments well looking at it. We learned that what Google really is great what you have to learn the lingo to make sure you get importantly want to double the limit setting up a whole outlook are contacting you really that. Even the light and Smart which as we've installed here and I have multiple thousand dollars. Finally we found that the best product in the are among the ones that don't rely too heavily on Smart home last. Things like and on echoed netcam and a yes they can't tycoon ceiling and NL by themselves. Let the network they talked to become obsolete. Devices and they'll still be useful. I. Thanks for watching the super renders import country Anderson reading more about our technology could come check out at cnet.com.