Google is making a bigger push into mobile payments and virtual reality I'm Bridget Carey this is your CNET update. Every Every year Google throws on a big show to reveal new software. It's called Google I/O and it's going on now. Google took almost three hours to get through its news, but allow me to break down the highlights you need to know in under three minutes. Let's start with the future cool stuff, virtual reality. Last year, Google created a way to watch virtual reality from your smartphone screen by encasing it in a cheap cardboard viewer. Google has improved the cardboard design to fit more phones. And there will be an app to use this on iPhones. Anyone can build one at home or even take it into the classroom. A class can go on a virtual field trip by loading up 3D content of places around the world. So how do you get that 3D footage? Google's taking the first steps to create a library of 3D content on YouTube. All you need is this do it yourself rig of 16 cameras and Go Pro is the first to make one. Google is able to correct little imperfections in the footage So, it's making a smooth 3D experience. Next up, Google is taking on Apple Pay with Android Pay. It's basically the same as Apple Pay, and most of the stores that work with Apple Pay will also work with Android Pay. When you have an Android phone with a NFC chip inside, you just tap your phone to a register sensor to pay at a The next operating system for Android allows phones with fingerprint scanners to let you pay by pressing your finger to the scanner. Otherwise you'll need to unlock your phone the normal way. Android Pay also is going to handle payments inside of other apps. Google wallet is still around as a way for you to send money to others, but Android pay is the brand they are pushing now. Google also has a new app for photos. It took the best parts of photo storage and editing tools from Google plus and separated Photos into it's own app. With Google Photos you can back up and store unlimited photos and videos For free on Google servers its smart enough to let you search through photos without tagging them click on a face to see all the photos of that person type in snowstorm on the search and its smart enough to find the photo of a snow Storm. Probably the best part is how you can share photos with others. Select the photos you want and send someone a link to view those photos. That person doesn't need to download any special app, it's just a hyperlink. And they can save a copy of the photos. In the next version of Android code name M, there are several updates including something called Now on Tap. The system can predict what you may want to ask about based on the content of what you're looking at, such as content from an email or a song that's playing. If you're listening to a song by Skrillex and you ask What's his real name? It knows his means the artist you're listening to. Well, that's all for this tech news update but there's more details on all of Google's news at From our studio in New York, I'm Bridget Carey.