This is the 27-inch Apple iMac. [MUSIC] You probably recognize it, since it's essentially the same system as it was last year, and 2015, and 2014. These connections have changed. The two USB C connectors, which each can support an external monitor, as well as other USB devices replace the mini display port predecessor. Processors. That made room for the a fourth USB type A connector the components have changed it has 2017 version of the intel core i5 and i7 processor with their updated cheapest. As well as the latest version of AMD's [UNKNOWN] architecture Radeon graphics. Asa result the iMac is now as first as a 2017 pc. The monitor has sort of changed, it's still the color accurate 5K panel of older iMacs, but it's a bit brighter and now can show a wider P3 color gamut, matching Apple's iPhone, iPad, and Macbook Pro screens. This new iMac isn't as pretty as the 27 inch HP ENVY All-in-One, or as feature packed as the Dell XPS 27 Windows Systems. The fat bezels make it look a little dated. But its modernized enough to get you through the next few years. And it's still pretty much an excellent all in one, that hasn't changed. [MUSIC]