Amazon announced a boatload of new devices today, including this guy. This is the Amazon Echo Spot. It's $129 this holiday season. What it basically is is the Amazon Echo Dot and the Amazon Echo Show with that touchscreen kinda smashed Together into a new product that's, sort of, like a smart alarm clock for your bedside. You can ask Alexa to play music, access any of her skills, set timers, have a video flash briefing with clips from the news, and from your favorite shows. All of that will show up here on this This devices whenever you want to ask for it. It also has bluetooth and line out compatibility with your existing speakers. So if you wanted to hook it up to your existing speaker setup or bluetooth speaker across the room, you can do that. It does have a speaker of its own thought at 2 watts. But should be more than enough for a casual listening at your bed side. Like the echo show, it's got this camera up at the top. So you can actually use this to make video calls or to drop in on somebody. You can set up drop in Amazon's Alexa App so that you wanna check in on an elderly relative or drop in on the kids room. See what's going on You could do that. You also get a variety of different clock faces to choose from, really customize this thing and make it be that side Alexa buddy of your choice. All in all, I think this is a pretty smart idea for Amazon. A lot of people already use the Echo Dot as sort of a bedside alarm clock. This doubles down on that, adds the actual visual element of the clock face And also lets you do a lot of the things that the Echo Show can do, at a lower price point of $129. The Echo Spot will be out for holidays. We'll be sure to test if out and let you know all about it.