See this, its not an apple watch but it does a darn good impression and sells for a fraction of the price. Say hello to the amaze fitbit. [MUSIC] Hi everyone, Rick the Cheapskate, Broida here with a deal for anyone who thinks they can't afford a good smartwatch. The bip is an Apple watch look-alike that works with iPhones and android phones. It has built-in GPS, a heart rate monitor and always on display, workout trackers and most amazing of all, a battery that can last for, wait for it, Up to 30-days, okay more like 20 to 25 days real world use for that still amazing even more amazing is the price the Bip Smartwatch for $100 already [UNKNOWN] deal, but you can get it for just $69.99 with PROMO CODE CHEAPSKATE Now the watch isn't perfect. Although you can receive notifications, you can't respond to them. You also can't install extra apps, and some of the digital watch faces are limited to 24 hour time, not super possible here in the US. But for $70, this is one of the more capable smart watches I've ever used. And no other model comes close to the battery life. The Amazfit definitely earns the cheap skate seal of approval,