Apple has a new name for its Mac operating system. Instead of OS10, it is now macOS, to fit in better with things like iOS and watchOS, it's almost part of a long slow march toward towards a grand unified theory of Apple operating systems and as part of that there are a lot of new features in MacOS. The first version is called Sierra, some of which are very Mac-like, and some of which come from iOS. The big headline from MacOS is the addition of Siri, Apple's intelligent digital assistant. You activate Siri with a simple key press and then you can talk to it just like you would on your phone. What's the weather today? Here's the weather today. And you can take these results and you can actually pin a lot of them to your notifications bar. If I say, show me news headlines. Here's some news for news headlines. I can click this little button here and that's going to get added to my notifications bar here on the side. Of course the most useful thing I think about Siri on Mac OS X is it's ability to search the files on your Mac. Show me all spreadsheets. Here are all of the spreadsheets. And then you can access those files right from this window. ICloud also gets a lot of updates in Mac OS. There are a lot new ways to optimize your files and save space on your Mac. But my favorite is if you go into iCloud and you go into the settings under options And you check off this box for a desktop and documents folders. What that does is that will sync what's on your desktop and what's in your documents folder among all the different match you have that are signed in with the same iCloud account. I'll show you how it works. I'm just gonna create a quick screenshot right here. And there is it on my desktop. If I go to my other Mac with Macro S You're going to see the same file pop up right there on the desktop and there it is. Another small but fun feature is picture in picture. Basically it let's you play a video and if it's compatible, then it's going to give you an extra button right here on the video player that let's you pop it out into its own little window right there so you can surf and do other stuff. While still watching your video, or you can just send it right back. Messages is also getting a lot of updates, both in Mac OS and in IOS 10. Jacob is going to come here and send me some of the new cool types of messages from his developer's build IOS 10 phone. It's going to start with some giant emojis And here they come, those are really big. He can also send me cool messages and things like invisible ink. And that shows up here obscured and if I just mouse over it, then I can see the message. Well I'm fine thank you. And of course you can even do hand writing from this phone to the desktop [BLANK_AUDIO] Cool. So, Mac OS [MUSIC] does a lot of fun things. These are just some of the highlights. It's a development build right now. There is going to be a public beta in July. And we expect this to be available to everyone sometime this fall. [MUSIC]