Speaker 1: Welcome. Welcome to the Cyber Truck delivery event. It's very rare that our product comes along that is seemingly impossible, that people said was impossible, that experts said was impossible. [00:00:30] And this is one of those times we have a car here that experts said was impossible, that experts said would never be made, that it really is the most, I think it's our best product. I think it's the most unique thing on the road. And finally, the future will look like the future. So we actually had to come up with a special [00:01:00] ultra strong Tesla designed steel alloy. So this alloy, this mantle did not exist before. We needed something that you could actually manufacture, but that would have basically no corrosion that didn't need paint, but you can still make it in volume. And part of the reason that it has this angular shape is you can't actually stamp these body panels. The body panels would break [00:01:30] the stamping machine. So, oh, and I should say also because of the steel exoskeleton, it actually has more torsional rigidity than a sports car. It has more torsional stiffness than a McLaren P one. Now, you may remember an incident four years ago, Speaker 1: It didn't quite go as planned. And Franz, maybe we should try [00:02:00] it again. Speaker 2: Yeah, Speaker 1: So you don't have to worry about rocks hitting the glass and cracking the glass. This glass is basically rock proof. It's also makes the car very quiet. So the thing that you'll appreciate when you [00:02:30] drive the car is how smooth and quiet it is. It doesn't feel like a normal truck. It's smooth as silk and silent when you drive it. And then things like rollover, because the center of gravity is so low, it doesn't roll over. And if you're ever in an argument with another car, you'll win. Speaker 1: [00:03:00] So people say, well, why'd you make it bulletproof? I'm like, why not? So I should say it has an adaptive S suspension. So no matter what the load is, you can always have, it can set the right height at low height, anything, it'll automatically adjust the damping according to how much load it's carrying. And the road conditions has a 17 inch ground clearance. [00:03:30] That's a true 17 inches. Typically with a truck, you'll get the differential hanging down low, the rear differential, and that's what you'll high side on a rock. But this has a completely flat bed, so you could drive over basically anything. We actually took the cyber truck on a Baja rally drive. So this is insane off-road capability. It has [00:04:00] steer by wire, which is, it's one of the things where most people dunno what that means, but it's how modern jets are designed. Speaker 1: The steer by wire, which gives you variable gains. So if you turn the wheel, the steering yoke a small amount in the parking lot, it will turn the wheels a lot, but if you turn it on a highway, it turns the wheels a small amount. It dynamically adjusts how much the wheels turn according to what your speed is. [00:04:30] And this actually makes it very easy to drive and it has a turning circle less than a model S, I should say, tougher than bullets tow pretty much anything faster than a nine 11 while towing a nine 11 and deliveries. Begin now. Speaker 3: Thank you. Speaker 1: [00:05:00] These are the actual owners. We're heading over production cyber trucks to their actual owners. Thank you for buying cyber truck. All right, thanks everyone for coming to this delivery event and appreciate your support. And this is really going to, like I said, change the look of the roads. And finally, the future will look like the future, and it's really going to be something special. Thank you.