Nintendo's newest Super Mario game runs on an iPhone. And while it's free, to really get the most out of Super Mario run, you're gonna need to pay $10. That's high for a mobile game. But Super Mario Run aims to offer a package that feels a little more like something you buy in a Nintendo 3DS Then on a phone. Does it? Well we got to play Mario run for a little bit and it all works of one finger. Jumping and running happen automatically. But it's really all about getting higher scores and more impressive moves to impress your friends and unlock extras in friendly competition. There are 24 levels plus a few extras. Friends can be added from Twitter and Facebook. And a second mode lets you play random levels. To earn coins and beat high scores to gain Toad Followers. It's hard to tell how much replay value you're really going to get out of it. But Nintendo promises a few extra surprises. CNET got to speak with Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime on what his new Mario game is all about. For some, it is the nostalgia element For others, we know for certain consumers, this is going to be their first experience with Super Mario and, therefore, we want to make sure that it has all of that essence of a great Super Mario. [INAUDIBLE] Nintendo hadn't planned to make mobile games before. But now Super Mario Run is one of a series of phone games, including Pokemon Go that debuted earlier this year. The business strategy has shifted now to be, we wanna make people smile through our IP. We wanna touch as many people as possible and we're gonna use our P is the way to do it. Whether that's with smart devices, or amusement parks, or dedicated game devices. Their upcoming titles including Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, but what they'll cost will vary. For Nintendo, it's all about exposing people to the characters in the games. Super Mario Run has a retro feel. But that doesn't mean Nintendo is ready to put its classic NES games on a phone yet, even though the many NES is out there and impossible to find. I'd be lying to you if I said that the overall level of demand Certainly is greater than we anticipated. That's why we're suffering through these shortages out there in the marketplace. Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo's next game system arrives next year and it seems like Super Mario Run is aiming to be another game to encourage more players to possibly come aboard. But don't expect Super Mario Run on Switch.