You can broadcast live video instantly to your Facebook friends as a status update. It's called Facebook live video. It's now available on the iPhone for US accounts and coming soon to Android. You'll find it inside the status update. Click the icon of a person with a broadcast signal halo. Choose title and set privacy permission. When you click go live, you are live baby. Your friends and followers will get alerted and they can jump in with comments. You should say hi to people in the comments and respond to questions. After all, that's part of the fun in participating in a real time broadcast. You can also like comments and see how many people are tuned into the stream. when you're ready to end it, the video is saved to your profile for others to watch later. So how is it different from Twitter's periscope? Facebook can be shared with only close friends if you want. And the video stays on your profile. Periscope is better for being interactive with viewers around the world during a major public event, but the videos disappear after a day.