[MUSIC] Vizio makes some of our favorite smart tv's but just like we saw in the past with Samsung's and LG, these tv's are capable of spying on you. A setting turned on by default on more than ten million Vizio TV's tracks what you're watching and shares the data with advertisers. You could disconnect your TV from the Internet, but let's be real. You bought a smart TV to use the smart features. The better option is to disable the data collecting feature all together. Press the Menu button to open Settings. Select System, followed by Reset & Admin. Then scroll down to Smart Interactivity and switch it to Off. You can now enjoy watching your TV without having to worry about big brother watching over you. For more how to's like this one be sure to check out howto.cnet.com. I'm Dan Graziano for Cnet. Thank you for watching. [MUSIC]