Hold on to something. [MUSIC] Fire at will. Do it. Do it. [MUSIC] Captain Cook and the crew of The Enterprise are back on the big screen. Boldly going to infinity and beyond in all new action adventure. Action is the operative word. Beyond is probably going to divide old school check clans with fits high octane action and unoculistic motorbike chase But everything in the film is done in the name of breathless giddy fun. From space battles to zero-gravity punch outs to literal cliffhangers, Beyond moves at warp speed from start to finish.>> [SOUND] Okay, let's never do that again.>> That's not to say it's totally mindless. Amid the banging and crashing there's a theme of Trek's core principles of unity, tolerance and togetherness It does feel more like traditional Trek than the previous reboot movies. Well, traditional Trek gone fast forward, anyway. And as Star Trek celebrates its 50th anniversary, the film includes delicately handled tributes of the show's past that are sure to get any true Trek Expand rising sales. [UNKNOWN] is the relationship between the crew? [UNKNOWN] and the story take the spotlight off the relationship between Kirk and Spot so everybody gets a satisfying chance to shine with cool moments and funny lines. Wow, at least I won't die alone. [NOISE] [MUSIC] Well that's just typical. If you'd like more Star Trek, beam down to cnet.com. [MUSIC]