[MUSIC] Spotify. It's still in the lead of streaming music services. This morning Spotify Saturday is has hit 124 million subscribers and that 271 million people are listening to spotify total. John how does that stack up with competitors like. Title and Pandora. [LAUGH] Well, it's funny. Title isn't really talked about much. Cuz no one, it's not really->> Amazon music. Brilliant. So Amazon music says Cuz they have 55 million people listening, that's not necessarily subscribers, cuz you get Amazon Music included with Prime. They say they're 55 million listeners, Apple in June said that Apple Music has 60 million. And so obviously Spotify is double is that number of subscribers. Not to mention that like it has more than 200 million people listening every month. It' s a lot, it's the biggest subscription in xls. And the reason that they think they can become even bigger is they are focusing on podcast. They said they're gonna buy. Simmons ringer, like network which is a website for news but mostly for the podcast network at this point because you know every single title titles actually an interesting example but Pandora Apple Music, amazon music. They all basically have the same catalog of stuff titles, the one that has like these exclusives from its owners but obviously that's not really working really well for them. So Spotify thinks that in order to distinguish themselves they need to go after not necessarily music but podcasts. They bought Gimlet recently too. They bought Gimlett last year. They bought Anchor last year. They, They budgeted up to $500 million to spend on podcast acquisitions. Why does Spotify care so much about podcasts and how much would they like to buy the Daily Charge for? [LAUGH] They do have like $500 million budget to. You started the bidding there. [LAUGH] They like podcasts because they think that that's a way to distinguish themselves from everybody else. And, it's also going right after Apple sort of, I mean podcasts are called podcasts because of the iPod like Apple's dominated podcast for a long time. So it'll be interesting to see as everyone moves over to streaming instead of downloads. If Spotify can eat Apple's lunch. Well Well, yeah. I've seen that for Apple Music, the bigger withdraw for their Podcast it's been like, what? Their live radio station stuff, right? Cuz that's what I've been hearing about it mostly. Yeah? Cuz there's news that happens on those. Nicky Minaj goes on some [UNKNOWN] about Travis Scott's baby, on her live Podcast. Right. Or Dr. Dray would say something new Right. I mean, is that kind of what Spotify is trying to go after or what is it? I don't think so, like Radio One, I think you're talking about Radio One. Yeah. Which beats Radio One? I think. Whatever, I can't remember what it's called, but that's not part of their subscription. That's just like, I think that's something that anyone can listen to Think- Okay. Listen to you for free. And so, it is a way to let drop and trust. But the main reason Apple Music gets people to subscribe, is because they're on everyones pockets, is because they're on Iphones and it's like the default thing. But, yeah, I don't know. We'll see. [MUSIC]