This is cnet, and here are the stories that matter right now. Spotify has filed a complaint with European regulators over Apple's App store, and they claim that Apple abuses its position, as both a direct competitor to Spotify, and the owner of its own powerful app marketplace The details go on to cite instances where Spotify says Apple blocked experience enhancing updates and also locked Spotify out of certain Apple devices. Apple will lay out the company's streaming platform on March 25th, though the company is supposedly still trying to lock down partnerships with premium content outlets like Showtime and HBO. And according to Bloomberg, these deals are coming down to the wire. As always, CNET will cover the event live on the 25th. And finally, Twitter is rolling out an update that will add quick access to a smartphone's camera so that sharing media is much easier. A swipe to the left will let a user record a quick video or photo, and add captions or even start a live broadcast as well. Look for the update to hit over the next few days. [MUSIC] You can see it today with the latest by visiting CNET.