As far as phones go the Sony Experia X is a pretty pleasant one. There's nothing particularly exciting about it's design or specs but that's actually ok because it's a good comfortable phone for a price that's much lower than your Iphones or Samsung Galaxy. I was able to do everything I wanted On this global model running Android 6.0 that I have here in basic black. I took a conference call, talked to my bank for a painfully long time, played games, and, of course, there was the nonstop e-mailing and messaging. The straight sides here on this phone make it easy to grip, and I dig the dedicated shutter button for taking photos, I always have. The Xperia X boasts an enormous 23 mega pixel rear camera and a 13 mega pixel front facing lens that have of Sony's camera tech that's been adapted for phones Plus there are a ton of manual control settings and options that you don't see on a lot of other handsets like [INAUDIBLE] flash. Pictures are absolutely good enough to proudly share, but I'm not quite ready to call this the best camera on the market for every lighting scenario. While a good-all-arounder, this five [INAUDIBLE] faces very serious competition from other phones that are water resistant. and i have faster processors and larger screens if youre in to that. I personally think this is a really great pone to use one handed. The biggest red flag though is for us buyer Sony is disabling the fingerprint reader that is built into the power button which is extremely perplexing because the reader works really well. Without it it will take longer for you to unlock the device and you wont be able to use your finger to authorize any android pay purchases. So when it comes down to it, U.S. buyers should move on, maybe to the Nexus 6P for instance, but everyone else who's looking for a less expensive phone that's nice to use should keep the Xperia X in the running.