The Xperia X performance is the turbo charged phone, in Sony's newest crop of X series handsets. It looks almost identical to the Xperia X, but it's a touch thicker and heavier, accommodating a far gutsier Snapdragon 820 quad core, 64 bit processor. I could just round it out with a bigger battery and a speedier category 9 LTE 4G modem. The smooth rounded corners and matte finish are welcome design change from the sharp edges of its predecessor the Expiro Z5 and the horror that was the mirrored finish on the Z5 ultra. Thanks to that big Snapdragon processor the X Performance runs sleek and swift The dedicated shutter button lets you take snaps in no time at all with the 23 megapixel camera even when the phone's fully locked. Speaking of locks, the power button fingerprint scanner is one of the quickest and most reliable of used but for some strange reason Sony has disabled it for buyers in the U.S. The five inch screen feels a little too small to [UNKNOWN] compared to other phones on the market and the battery life isn't as good as it should be for a phone that Excels in most of the categories, but anyone whose after a phone with a bit more grunt the Sony XPerian X Performance is a big step up from the basic X model. Check out the full review on [MUSIC]