This projects to turn the wall or a surface into an interactive screen. The Sony Xperia projects around Android and it throws 23 inch on your kitchen bench all living room wall. There's an infrared sensor at the base of the projector so you can tap Touch and type on the screen like you would on a regular phone. It also supports multi touch so you can use up to ten fingers to interact with the surface, like playing with a piano [UNKNOWN]. [MUSIC] Okay Google And there's OK Google support because it's running Android. You can use any Android app and change the orientation from portrait to landscape just by moving the projector's position. If it's against a wall, it throws the touchscreen. But if you move it away, it turns into a regular non-touchscreen Up to 80 inches. You can connect to a bluetooth device to interact if you're sitting on the couch or a Playstation for a controller. It's got HDMI and USBC connectivity and there's a stereo speaker built in. This model is a prototype and while Sony couldn't give us any idea on pricing or availability, it will be an actual product you can buy. It works pretty seamlessly and the task functionality works accurate and responsive.