[MUSIC] You've never really heard yourself until you actually have recorded to tape. [MUSIC] A place like this allows you to make music by hand. [MUSIC] My name is Adrian Younge and we're at Linear Labs. [MUSIC] [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO] There's one form of media as it pertains to music that has not died and that's vinyl. This is the equipment that they used to make those records. For the last 20 years I've been building a studio That exemplifies what I love about music. I came up with these chords. You can maybe add some **** to it. [MUSIC] When you're hearing a recording from Linear Labs you're not hearing any plug ins. You're not hearing a bunch of retakes. You're hearing exactly what it is. [MUSIC] This equipment allows you to create. Music with full resolution. There are no computers here. There is no digital recording here. It's all recorded to analog tape. You're not hearing a bunch of retakes. You're hearing exactly what it is. You're hearing how they actually capture a moment. [MUSIC]. If you're using a compressor you using a real piece of Hardware, if you're using a mic preamp, you're using a real class a discrete preamp made from the 50s or the 60s. You're using something that was built by hand. [MUSIC] My name is Ali Shaheed Muhammad, and I am an artist on Linear Labs. [MUSIC] Hi, good evening Oakland. I'm your host, Ali Shaheed Hey, Muhammad. As advanced as we have gotten in technology, we're now capturing things at 192. So there's a clarity to it, but the warmth is not the same as something that is recorded to tape. Something that came out of actually Adrian and I meeting over Twitter. If the digital world is good for anything, it's good for joining us. Adrian and I formed a group called The Midnight Hour. While we were working on The Midnight Hour We were hired to compose music for Luke Cage, a Marvel Netflix series. And we recorded all the music, the scored music, for season one and season two. [MUSIC] I was able to work with people like Snoop, Wu Tang, scoring Black Dynamite. And I always say to people that if you wanna get close to an artist, get their record. [MUSIC] It's as if we're looking back to look forward. We're looking back in time When the equipment in the studio was the best, the greatest, and we're using that equipment to make music for today. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]