Puking rainbows is so 2015. Snapchat now let's you add rainbows, clouds and other wacky 3D items into the real world. The new feature is called World Lenses. And to find them in Snapchat, tap the screen when switched to the rear camera. You'll see a number of different 3D shapes to move around within the image. Place the item down and walk around it in three dimensional space, or just have it creepily however above your friends. You might not have noticed but Snapchat's parent company, Snap, has been pushing augmented reality into our field of view for quite some time. First, we have actual lenses in the Snapchat app. Like the dog ears or creepy face warp to use with the front facing camera. Then came Spectacles. Sunglasses with a camera designed exclusively for Snapchat. They aren't AI yet but make a head mounted wearable look pretty normal. You can start using World Lenses on Snapchat now but different versions will appear daily [UNKNOWN] selfie [UNKNOWN] this feature might also comes with a front-facing camera in time.