[MUSIC]. You know what we need here in the CNET's smart department? A smarter smart tv, sure today's televisions can stream Netflix or Hulu or YouTube but delivering content is what tv's have always done. I want TVs that put that cloud connectivity to more creative use. I want my smart TV to be a smart home centerpiece. Now in fairness smart TVs already have a couple of cool connected home tricks up their sleeve but none of them are developed well enough for my liking. Some of them use your TV to help control and monitor your smart home gadgets. For instance, you can watch live Nest cam footage on your TV using Nest's Apple TV app. But in a weird twist, you can't do that with any of the cameras that already work with Apple Home Kit, at least not yet That's a big missed opportunity on Apple's part. On the flip-side, you've got ways of using smart home gadgets to help you trick out your TV. For instance, you've already seen the appeal of smart color-changing bias lighting behind your TV. So why don't we have a TV with lights like these built right in? Phillips took a shot at it a couple of years ago with their Ambli Light TV sets. And it still offers cool ways of syncing your Phillips Hue Lights up with programming on the Syfy Network. But why not something bigger? The Olympics, the Super Bowl even. Why not sync up with Playstation or Xbox to coordinate color changing lighting with the game you're playing? There's a ton of unrealized potential here The other way that a Smart Homes Set can make TV better is through voice control. You've already got Siri and Alexa powered voice search on Apple TV an Amazon Fire TV, respectively. And you can also sync Alexa up with the Logitech Harmony hub in order to switch channels and inputs using voice commands like this, "Alexa Turn on watch Hulu. It's a slow semi clunky integration though, mostly because Amazon still doesn't have dedicated software that tells Alexa how to control TVs. Now the Google Home Smart speaker, is a little bit ahead of Alexa here. You can sync it up with your smart TV, then tell it to play specific Netflix shows or YouTube videos, no Logitech setup needed. Okay Google, play videos by CNet Smart Home on YouTube Tube. [MUSIC] Sure playing, [UNKNOWN] smart home videos from YouTube on living room TV. Still it doesn't support any other streaming services just yet. And it can't handle basics like switching Inputs or even turning your TV on or off. So clearly there's still a lot of work to do in this category but rest assured we are keeping tabs on all of it and as soon as things start to get compelling we'll tell you all about it.