[MUSIC] We've read all the negatives and there's no question that Uber have done an awful lot of good in the world as well. And today I think it's worth thinking About Travis, who I don't actually know personally, but who's lost his mother, lost his job. He's created something really special. He's obviously made some mistakes, but when you Creating a company so quickly, and that it just exploding all over the world. The stakes will be made. So, let's just give a second thought for an extraordinary individuals, who's human like the rest of us, and hope that the next thing he does, you can get back on his feet again It has had to have saved tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, I don't know the number, millions of lives are here today. Maybe us, maybe me, because Uber exists, because someone didn't run the light because they were drunk. Richard, I think you'd be a good CEO of Uber, actually. Planting some. [LAUGH] I. He's not busy at all. He has time. I have actually put forward somebody who I think would be a great CO. We'll see whether he gets the job. Now I think, I mean the point that you made. Like I never even thought about it, but no question that the amount of people who've been saved who could afford. You know, people can afford to actually get gas in their vehicle. A lot of people couldn't afford it before. It's made a big difference, definitely. Yeah. Good point.